After struggling with eczema I began to develop skincare, to help soothe dry skin and hyperpigmentation, dark marks, and other skincare challenges through the use of potent natural ingredients with straight-to-the-point formulas. 

Our mission is to promote your natural glow and leave you feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. We take an ingredient and sensitiser conscious approach to skincare, (yes including the natural ones), so as many people as possible can find skincare that works for them.

Our sourcing is also really important to us. Our Coffee partners pay their African farmers a fair wage for their wonderful beans and for every kilo sold, they contribute to local farming initiatives.

Our Organic Honey is produced in an East African rain forest by rural village beekeepers, hundreds of miles away from the nearest GMO farms. No antibiotics, sugar feeding, or varroacides are used in the process and beekeeping has become a sustainable source of income for the locals. As beekeeping has spread, there are more bees and so more hives now pollinate the trees, supporting the sustainability of the forest.

We look forward to hearing more of your skin stories and getting your glow on with

C O F F E E & H O N E Y.





Naomi x